You've been to play spaces before — but The Lane is different. 


General Questions

1. Can I keep my shoes on? YES!

We want everyone to feel at home here - for grown-ups that usually means keeping your shoes on in public. However, if you plan to go in the ball pit or climb on the net, we do ask that you or your child removes their shoes first.

2. Do you have beer and wine? YES!

We promise not to serve the children, but sometimes a grown-up wants a drink.

3. Will my kids be entertained? YES!

Our staff will keep your kids engaged so you can actually complete an adult conversation and finish your coffee - but the kids might be having so much fun that you want to join in too.

4. Do you have outdoor space? YES!

We have a 2,100 square foot roof deck - outdoor movie nights, gardening classes, BBQs, and so much more are on tap for the spring and summer. Finally, contained outdoor space just for families!

5. Is the food actually good? YES!

We know what today's parents want - because we're those parents. Excellent coffee, tasty options from local vendors you already know, and made to order in-house specials that you'll come to crave. If you want something healthy - or want to indulge - we've got you and your kid(s) covered.

6. Is there parking? YES!

There is a gigantic parking garage directly across from the entrance to The Lane and the first 90 minutes is free. After that, it's just a few bucks which means you can easily run errands at Mom's, TJ Maxx, Petco, the new Target....whatever crosses off items on your to-do list.

7. Can I drop my kid(s) off? No/not yet

The mission of The Lane is to create a happy space for the whole family. That said, we know sometimes what we need most is stress free time away. Keep an eye out for parents night out events!

8. What are your hours of operation?

As we open, our hours of operation will be as follows:

Monday: 10am-6pm

Tuesday/Wednesday: Closed

Thursday: 10am-6pm

Friday: 10am-8pm

Saturday: 9am-8pm

Sunday: 9am-6pm

9. Which membership type is best for me?

We have two types of membership - family memberships and parental leave memberships. Parental leave memberships are best for those families with babies under 1 year old who are looking for a space to bond with their babies and meet other new parents. These memberships include 1 child under 1 year old and 1 adult. For those families with bigger kids looking to come enjoy the space together and build community, we recommend family membership. These memberships vary in price based on the number of children in your family and also include up to 3 adults.

10. How much does membership cost?

Membership is based on the number of kids in your family. $95/month covers a family with up to 2 kids and up to 3 caregivers. Each additional child is $15 more per month. More info can be found here.

11. Are Drop-ins welcome? YES!

If membership isn't your thing, that's no problem. We want everyone to be able to enjoy The Lane, and for some that means dropping in at convenient times (though we dare you not to come back frequently). Drop-ins fees are $20 for the first child and 10% off for siblings inclusive of 2 adults. If you want to bring more adults and make it a party, that works too - additional adults will pay an entry fee of $5. Adults may only enter when accompanying children or families.

12. Do babies count? YES!

Babies are people too! If you have a sibling that is 6 months or younger, they are welcome to tag along for free, otherwise babies are also required to pay a $20 drop-in fee, are included in birthday party counts, and count as a member of your family. They're here to stay and just getting bigger.

13. Do I need to watch my kids? YES!

Our goal is to create a space where everyone can have fun - sometimes together (race up the climbing wall, reading nook, board games, hooray!) and sometimes in their own spaces (endless slide rides vs. slowly sipping a latte). That said, we do not offer a daycare service. If your child is old enough to play independently, that's totally cool with us as long as you remain in the building. If you have a little one that needs to be carefully watched, we need you to do exactly that. Our staff is there to make sure everyone plays safely but we can't deliver 1:1 attention. Keep your eyes peeled for Parent's Night Out events when exactly THAT will happen. 

14. More questions? Just ask!

We can't wait to welcome you and your family - and want your first visit (and all your visits) to be the absolute best. If you want to know more about what we're creating at The Lane, email us at

Birthday Party/Events Questions

1. Can I bring my own food and cake? Maybe

You can absolutely bring your own food and cake as long as they meet the requirements of the Department of Health. We don't want to bum you out with regulations, but we are a licensed restaurant. In short, you can't bring food you make from home, but you are welcome to bring in food from another restaurant, bakery or grocery store.

2. Can I bring my own decorations? YES!

We'd be delighted to handle the whole shebang for you, but we know that sometimes kids want a ninja Halloween princess party with a Moana vibe and only you know how to fulfill that request.

3. Can I come to the room early to set up? No

We love your eagerness, but we cannot make the room available outside your time slot. Don't worry, we will have a party coordinator on site to help make sure the room is beautifully decorated with your items before you come in. Alternatively, your party will spend its first hour downstairs playing in our open play space, so if you want to be heavily involved in the setup, you should have plenty of time. 

4. Can our party stay longer than 2 hours? YES!

We'd be happy for your whole crew to stay a bit longer at The Lane in our open play area, though you won't be able to keep your party room. There will be an additional $5 charge per child for extra time.

5. What are the themes for the decor packages?

We've tried to cover our most popular bases: Unicorn, Outer Space, Super Hero, and Safari. If you'd like a theme you don't see here, you are welcome to bring your own decor.

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