Try Sip & Paint At Home

A group art project for everyone in your home - try a Sip & Paint challenge with a still life subject. Sip & Paints are usually done with all the participants drinking wine and painting the same subject or idea. Don't worry, this version includes your kids!

1) Find your subject. Your subject can be a bowl of fruit, a toy, a sleeping pet, or even a piece of art you already have in your home that you want everyone to recreate in their own style. Make sure you have a light source ready (can be a bright window or a lamp or a flashlight at an angle). Light and shadow are going to give you all a more unique view to paint.

2) Set up your supplies and painters. Grab some paints and paper or canvas. Position everyone participating in a wide circle around the subject of your painting so you all have different views of the subject.

3) Something to sip. Grab a juice box or make smoothies for the kids, and get yourself a glass of wine or a fresh mug of coffee.

4) Sip & Paint together. Take as much time as you'd like, really try to capture the essence of your subject. Paint with paintbrushes, fingers, or even toes - whatever feels right! Make sure to sign your piece when it's finished.

5) Showcase and discuss everyone's new art. What do you like about each other's paintings? Do you have a realist painter and an abstract painter in your household? Can you put them up together in a place of honor in the house? Take a picture and post it in your Instagram story (just don't forget to tag us @thelanesocialclub).


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