Socially Safe Spaces to Stretch Your Legs

Remember when we had every activity at our fingertips and thought it was a struggle to get to nap time? With a stay at home order in place, burning that restless toddler energy is a challenge like no other. We've explored every inch of our alley and have all the knee scrapes and scabs to prove it.

Thankfully, exercise and walks with your family are still allowed (let's hope that doesn't change), so we've rounded up a few spaces in DC that are perfect for stretching everyone's legs while maintaining a safe distance from anyone else:

Kenilworth Park (NE DC)

To get to this luscious green space, you can drive in and park via Deane Ave NE (you'll land in the middle of the park) OR start at Benning Road, walk along the Anacostia River, and head down a quaint dirt path to get to this enormous open space. We walked that path and saw deer along the way! It felt like we were on an old country road yet we were in the middle of DC. At the end of the path, you pop out at a field the size of several football fields. We picked dandelions, walked down to a creek, and just rolled around in the grass — exactly what we all needed.

Klingle Valley Trail (NW DC)

This is a great spot for the little ones to ride bikes and scooters. It's a short stretch of paved road/trail between Klingle Road NW and Connecticut Avenue NW. The path is wide and no cars are allowed on it so it's safe and has ample space if others are around. There's a huge bridge you pass under, tall bamboo along the road, and beautiful trees in full bloom. You can hop on the Klingle Trail via Rock Creek Trail to create an even bigger adventure/loop.

Metropolitan Branch Trail

The MBT trail is still under construction, but currently runs from the NOMA metro with a ramp to hop on right near REI, up to Fort Totten. There's plenty of open road to ride, run or play. There are trucks to look at and the metro to watch for little ones in strollers. For bigger kids, this is a great stretch for biking or scooting.

You can hop on/off at several intersections throughout Ekington and up through Brookland.

Sligo Creek Trail

The Sligo Creek Trail runs 10 miles from Anacostia to Silver Spring. There are several entrances, but we've hopped in at Takoma and Silver Spring and had a great trail with a little beach, creek and bridge.

You can enjoy a hike, skip some rocks or bike/jog. As of April 10th, parts of the parkway itself are closed to make more space for safely distanced recreational use.

If you're feeling stir crazy and need a change in scenery, head on over to one of these great outdoor spaces. Just don't check them out all at the same time ;).


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