Leap to letters

What's the only thing harder than trying to home school one kid? Home schooling multiple kids. With two little ones of varying ages, abilities and interests, I'm struggling. My day-nightmares of what it must have been like to be a frontier school teacher are all too vivid. But, last week I won the jackpot with an activity they both loved (for about 20 minutes).

We played leap to letters! WTF is leap to letters? Great question. For my 2 year old, I called out letters and she jumped to them on our soft Alphabet floor mat. For my 5 year old, I called out words and she jumped to each letter in the word, figuring out the spelling as she went. You can easily adapt this up/down depending on your child's abilities using beginning sounds, the letters in their name, or spelling bee-style complex words for the baby geniuses out there.

There was no set-up, no clean-up, and nothing that required being the mom with an extensive crafting closet (I am not her). If you don't have an Alphabet mat or carpet, this is still pretty easy to do with limited setup. Just grab some painters tape and clear space on the floor to mark out letters in the alphabet.

*Pro-tip: Make your kids tape the letters while you get some work done.

For an outdoors math version, we've adopted the same idea to hopscotch. The concept is the same and easily adaptable to varying levels of ability. For my 2-year old, I called out numbers and had her jump to each (she's working on identifying numbers) or had her jump and count as high as she could (great for learning sequencing). For my 5-year old, I asked her to jump to all of the ways to add to 4, or jump to the answer of 12-8.

To set it up, simply draw hopscotch with sidewalk chalk, or tape it on some clear floor space. You can also draw/tape a calculator face if you want to get fancy!

It may have only lasted 20 minutes each session, but it eased my home schooling guilt for a full day and made for a long nap time. A total win in my book!


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