Happy Hour will happen

True story: when we first started talking about the idea of The Lane years ago, it was called Happy Hour. We just wanted somewhere we could hang with our kids and still be ourselves, see friends, and have a drink. So, it's no surprise that even when the place to do well, everything, is our homes, we're still not willing to give up on the idea of happy hour.

I am here to tell you all that it is Friday. It may only be 9am, but it's the end of another long week (at the beginning of a month full of long weeks ahead) and it's time to throw in the towel on responsible teacher/parenting and just have some fun.

Today, in our house, we are starting happy hour early (like, 3pm early) and kicking it back to college with Solo cups. Since we still actually have to be parents, and if the kids aren't entertained we lose, we're adapting our favorite cup and the games that go with it to little ones. And it's easier than you think. Turns out the whole "drunk or a kid" thing is really true.

Without further ado, I give you: family happy hour drinking (for some) games!

1. Solo Cup Pyramids

This is as easy as it sounds. Get in teams, or go solo (had to) and build the tallest cup pyramid you can without the whole thing tipping over. Whoever gets the tallest tower wins the game.

2. Solo Cup Bowling

Another easy one. Find a long-ish hallway or open spot in your house, put down some tape on one end and put down 10 upside-down solo cups in a triangle pattern on the the other end. Stack them up for more drama. Grab a tennis ball, bouncy ball, or any ball really and line up for some good old-fashioned bowling.

3. Juice Pong

You guessed it: beer pong, but with juice. Kids are basically as excited about juice as a frat boy is about beer. Clear your dining table, put 10 solo cups in a triangle pattern on each side, grab a ping pong ball (or bouncy ball, or make a tin foil ball) and choose your sides. And for the one of you that's never played, here's how it goes: Try to throw your ball into the other team's cups. As you land in the cups, the team has to drink that cup and remove it. The first team to get their ball into all of the other team's cups and clear the table wins!

4. Flip cup

Ok, there are literally no modifications here except not chugging a beer at the end. Line up solo cups upside down on each side of the table. Split into two teams and try to flip the cup upright. The first team to flip all their cups wins!

Quarters just feels like a step too far, so we'll stop at four for now. Whether its modified drinking games, a double-header movie night, multiple houseparty calls, a kitchen dance party or all of the above, we hope you give yourselves a break this afternoon and find a little fun!

*note: this is not a sponsored post, we are honestly this desperate for a fun time.


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