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Updated: Apr 2

This is a safe space. So safe, in fact, that we can all admit that we are the old/distracted people who don't get the new social media trend. That's right, it's OK to ask us to explain TikTok. To be honest, we had to do some research to write this post.

Tik Tok is a social media app that is increasing its users day after day, and now that we're all trapped at home, it's as inevitable as watching Tiger King. It's a platform that allows you to make and watch videos for fun and entertainment. You can learn some cool dances, recipes, and home/kitchen hacks. Most of the trending videos require multiple people, so get everyone up and learning the choreography!

1. Download: Using your smartphone or tablet, go to the app store and download the Tik Tok


2. Sign up for an account: Upon opening the app it will most likely take you to a general feed of what videos are already popular. On the bottom of the screen you will see five icons. Tap the one that looks like a person labeled ‘Me’. You will see a screen that will ask for your phone number. Once you enter your number, you will receive a code via text message. Put that code into the app, then you will be able to put the necessary information to finish.

3. Apply your interests: Tik Tok will ask you what categories appeal to you. Choose

as many as you like, so that the For You and Discover pages show you videos you want to see.

4. Explore the app: Along the bottom are other icons such as Create a Video,

Inbox, Discover, and Home. The Home page will take you to the For You page - scroll through them to get a feel of the world of Tik Tok!

5. Discover: Go to the Discover icon and browse through the trending hashtags

and decide which hashtag or trend you would like to participate in.

6. Create: Create a video of your choosing. It doesn’t have to be a trend; you can

start your own trend if you have an idea for one!

7. Rinse and Repeat: Make a new video every day of the week to get your family involved in the challenge trends together! There are so many options to replicate for your own videos - you'll always find something new to do. Add your friends to see their videos and compete against each other in each trend.


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