Endless Summer

A few days ago, a friend challenged me to say three optimistic things about the future - not usually a tough task, but as a business owner with a shuttered business, it took a moment. Here they are:

  1. Summer starts next week

  2. My 5 year-old tells me the good guys always win in the end

  3. I don't think humans will give up on having fun

It's heart wrenching that we can't provide fun for families at a time when it's needed so much. Yet somehow, in this moment of pause, we feel even closer to the reason we started this business. Yes, summer camps are canceled, pools are closed, and vacations are postponed. But it's still summer. And we LOVE summer.

When we first envisioned The Lane, we knew we wanted the experience to feel like an endless summer night. One of those perfect toes in the grass, firefly-filled evenings that feel slow and easy. That feeling of relaxed joy is something we both cherished from our childhoods and knew our adult (and parenting) lives were deeply lacking. We're all running so fast — reaching for that promotion, that restaurant reservation, that concert ticket, that dance class sign up, that school lottery number. That life is exhilarating, there is no doubt. And the energy it requires drives all of us to incredible achievements and experiences. Yet as we wait anxiously for "normalcy" to return, we realized we are living pieces of the endless summer night we thought was a relic of the past. Life is suddenly flexible. We've got time + kids — and a deep desire to find the good in it. It's the walks around the block and front stoop conversations with neighbors we never knew. It's bike and scooter rides to nowhere. It's finding grass and putting our feet in it. It's spraying our kids with a hose. It's covering as much ground as we can with sidewalk chalk. It's staying up late to see those first few stars come out. It's letting our kids climb any tree they can find.

It's teaching our kids to skip rocks.

It's finding vines in the woods and swinging with abandon.

It's cartwheels and twirling. The great slow down of 2020 is not something any of us could have imagined in our wildest dreams — but in the midst of uncertainty, we're doing our best to grab hold of the good and keep it with us forever.

Happy Summer! We hope you find some simple joys.


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