Because your kids are going to watch Netflix...

Ok, I know we're all trying to be extra creative with activities for our kids (us too - get your kids signed up for some of our virtual events!) - but let's face it, they're going to watch more TV and movies than ever before and we're not going to feel guilty about it. And you shouldn't either.

But there is a hierarchy — and we're here to make sure you don't get suckered into terrible shows that will drive you insane and have you concerned about your kids' brain cells.

What to watch (high five yourself for these great choices!):

  1. The Magic School Bus Rides Again - An oldie that is back and better than ever. Ms Frizzle's sister is now the teacher and she is goofier, wittier, and more engaging than the original. Your kid(s) will learn a lot and you'll catch a few laughs along the way. Our favorite episodes include "Frizzle of the Future" when they go to The Galapagos and "Ready, Set, Fail" which takes them on a journey through space.

  2. Sofia the First - Who doesn't love a show with a strong female protagonist who leads with kindness and is really, really brave? There are legit story arcs and real villains - kids will learn to follow a multi-episode plot sequence. Sure, she has a far-fetched number of talents and magical visits from Disney princesses - but nothing is perfect.

  3. Storybots - This show is sort of a mash up between Sesame Street, SNL, and Magic School Bus. You dive deep into a topic each week so there's a lot of learning, but it's cloaked with a special celebrity guest and a heavy dose of sarcasm. Snoop Dogg, Ali Wong, and Edward Norton are just a few who make appearances. This is one of those shows you might just binge-watch without your kids.

What to avoid (seriously, don't even let your kids see the preview):

  1. Barbie - This show is all of the worst things. It's an animated show crafted to be like a reality TV show. Despite the fact that we proved Barbie's body type is impossible, she and her friends are as "top heavy" as always. They are obsessed with their looks and they literally live IN THE DREAM HOUSE. They regularly scream at each other about any vapid subject out there. Unless you think an animated version of The Real World is good for your kids, AVOID!

  2. Boss Baby Back in Business - Since we're all stuck in our houses with our kids for the foreseeable future, maybe we shouldn't plant the idea they can create a corrupt corporation and run it out of your home. The movie Bossy Baby is hilarious but watching this story line on repeat is dangerous. No kids come out angelic on the other side. You've been warned.

  3. True and the Rainbow Kingdom - If you don't want to put your kids into a trance, stay away from True. On each episode, True and her cat go on a trippy adventure in their magical kingdom, end up in a wishing tree, and are gifted three magical wishes that somehow save the day. There's a song several times each episode that's just as annoying as the Mouseketools song. Want a trippy show with more substance? Trolls is a much better option!

What shows make the cut in your house? What's banned forever? Share your list with the rest of us!


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