Ahhhh! Paper Bag Monsters!

It's officially month three at home. Your kids are sick of their toys. You're completely out of ideas for crafty activities. And you just can't look at Pinterest anymore. We know — we really do.

Since we know nobody's got time for all the internet research, masked shopping, and sorting through what's still on Prime, we've pre-packaged some FUN. We've got craft kits, dinner kits, and dessert kits to brighten up your days at home. Yes, we deliver (to DC)!

If you stock your pantry like it's 1992 and have brown paper bags at home (and other basic craft supplies), you can just follow along below. If you haven't seen a brown paper bag since your childhood, you can snag a kit from us.

Here's the full supply list:

  • Brown paper bag

  • Construction Paper

  • Pipe cleaners

  • Googly eyes

  • Glue

  • Scissors

And here's what you do!

Step 1: Keep the bag flat and flip it to the side where the bottom flaps over. That will be the monsters face.

Step 2: Using paint or construction paper, give the monster a nice splash of color from top to bottom. The top flap should be the face and the rest of the bag should be the body.

Step 3: Add some flare. Stripes, polka dots, stars, squiggles...this monster is your canvas. Go nuts! Or go minimalist. Let your kiddo decide.

Step 4: Now we've made it to perhaps the most defining characteristic of monsters - the eyes! Does this monster have one gigantic eye or 10 tiny eyes? All answers are correct.

Step 5: Keep going with the details. A long tongue, sharp teeth, ugly feet with sharp toes...take some tips from The Gruffalo if needed.

Here's the full progression:

And the final product:

Note: If you get the kit from us, you'll get instructions, a template, and all of the body parts and flare pre-cut to make those two monsters above. Just hand your kid a glue stick and they're off to the races. Easy button.

This should give you about 30 minutes to do something else (or make a monster, we're not here to restrict your joy) while your kid(s) enthusiastically make their monsters. And that doesn't even count the bonus time turning the monsters into puppets. Tell your kid(s) to name the monsters and introduce them to ALL of their other toys. That should give you another 30 minutes (at least!).

Need some wine or beer to enjoy while your kids work on their monsters? We have that too.

Happy monster making to your kid(s) and "free" time to you!


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