A Journey to Outer Space!

Updated: Mar 22

Losing your mind stuck at home? Take a family trip to Mars! Here's a quick list of activities to keep you busy while staying on theme. Hope you have an out-of-this world time!!

1. Keep a ship’s log: record everyone’s thoughts, plans, what you’re each looking forward to, what you see on your way to Mars, etc.

2. Learn about how space shuttles work and about NASA history.

3. Assign each family member a crew position. Spend some time learning about your position’s responsibilities during launch, landing, setting up & running your base! Options: Pilot, Mission Specialist, Commander, Flight Engineer, Pilot, and Payload Specialist.

4. Draw a map of your route from Earth to Mars. Which planets will you pass? Where on Mars are you going to land?

5. Build a space-shuttle/blanket-fort for yourselves and climb in. You're on your way!

6. Exercise while you're in zero-gravity so that you don't lose too much muscle mass on your way to Mars.

7. Learn about Mars itself! Did you know Mars has the tallest volcano in our solar system? Why is Mars red? Discover your weight on Mars (it's different than your weight on Earth).

8. Brainstorm together what you want your colony on Mars to have. A garden for fresh food? A water recycling system? A movie theatre? Ice cream? WiFi? Your pet? Make a list.

9. Draw a map of your colony base. Where will everything be located? What are you naming your base?

10. Write letters home to Earth to tell someone you miss back home what you've learned about Mars!

P.S. Want more? Check out the games and activities here on NASA's Kid's Club.

Thanks go out to @smreine whose tweet on March 17th inspired this blog post!


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