5 minute distractions with everyday items

Here are some fun projects for your kids that will give you enough time to check insta, change out a load of laundry, or text your BFF in peace.


1. Make some 3D art (raised salt painting)

2. Magic Milk (art + science for the win!)

3. At-home music instruments (a pot and a wooden spoon can get you far if you don't mind the noise)

4-6 kiddos:

1. Go on a length hunt

2. Play I Spy with My Little Eye in any room in your house (or out a window)

3. Make your own lava lamp

7-9 year olds:

1. Build a blanket & pillow fort, and then defend it from pirates!

2. Try your hand at chromatography butterflies (sounds fancy, I know)

3. Do a three-legged race down your hallway

and for the 10-12 kids:

1. Make a rollercoaster (for a marble)

2. Built a wind anemometer (and then place it out in your yard or balcony so you can track how much wind there is each day)

3. Try your hand at making kitchen volcanos (and then have the kids research either how baking works or how real volcanos work!)


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