Family time is supposed to be FUN — but when we became parents,
we realized finding fun for the WHOLE family isn’t easy. 
We decided to change that.

4 little girls, 4 big inspirations

Lucy Annie Nora Ella

The Lane: Established 2019

Hi! We’re Rachel and Molly.

Becoming a parent is big time. It changes everything — turning the life you knew on its head while you fall madly in love with a tiny human (who is clearly the smartest and cutest to ever walk the face of the earth).

Amongst all the chaos of (trying to) balance kids, work, mortgages, relationships, and so much more, we found parents just like us yearning for a space for THEM - where their kids could run freely without shame. A space to have unapologetic fun, to escape the hustle, to eat actually good food, and meet up with and make new friends.

We’re the classic “moms-who-become-friends-on-maternity-leave story” — we bonded over the highs, lows, and all the unknowns of those first months as a parent. After several years of wondering why this mythical place didn’t exist and coming up with dreamy ideas (often while hanging out in painfully underwhelming play spaces), we looked at each and other and said “we’ve got to do this.”

We are thrilled to be open (finally!) and happily welcoming families to The Lane. Come and hang out with us anytime - consider us your new living room + kitchen where the coffee is always hot, the toys are always fun, and friends are always around. 

We’ll see you soon!

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1408 Okie St. NE, Washington, DC 20002

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We are currently only open for
special events and private events

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