Health and safety are always on our minds

We usually like to keep it pretty upbeat and fun around here, but the health and safety of our families is serious business. It doesn't just matter in this current news cycle, either. At The Lane, we think about this and work at this everyday. So, please forgive us while we pull back the curtain for a moment and give you the straight-up serious facts around how we work at health & safety, so you can have some good clean worry-free fun with your community.

How does The Lane stay clean?

  • Hourly: Yes, hourly. We do regular checks of our bathrooms, wiping down surfaces and restocking soaps every 15-20 min. As we reset toys in their proper places, we wipe them down with disinfectant wipes. We wear gloves, use tongs and wash hands VERY frequently (among a laundry list of food safety rules) during food prep. 

  • Daily: Each morning and night, The Lane takes a bath. Every surface is wiped clean, every floor is mopped, every toy is wiped down, and yes, the ball pit is overturned and cleaned. 

  • Weekly: We proudly partner with Enviro-Master, a cleaning service that sprays our entire facility with an electro-static spray that kills 99.9% of all germs and provides a protective coating that lasts 7-10 days. The service is hospital grade, food safe and non-toxic. As if that weren't enough, our team takes on deep cleaning projects each week as well to give elbow grease to the tougher surfaces.

How does The Lane stay safe?

  • We're built for it: That bouncy floor under your feet isn't just for fun. It keeps you safer than any playground or mat ever could. You've got half a foot of rubber to catch even the nastiest of falls. That net above your head? It could hold a circus of elephants without breaking. And all those windows are pretty, but you can't even touch the doors without our motion sensors letting us know.

  • We work for it: Our reception team carefully watches all the action at the door, both in and out to make sure only families enter and only families leave together (our apologies for all the questions to parents running out to re-up their parking meters). Our floor staff guards the ball pit, the net, the slide, and are stationed throughout the space to make sure kids play safely and kindly together.

How can you help?

  • Wash your hands: We are all germy creatures, but those of us with kids are especially so. Wash your hands regularly. In between washes, we've got hand sanitizer stationed throughout the building and at reception as well. 

  • Watch your kids: Yes, our staff is here to help, and we want you to relax and enjoy, but you're still the parent and you know best. We encourage as much or as little supervision as your children require. And if your kiddos are sick, please watch as much Disney+ as you all need until everyone is ready to venture out again.

  • Be kind: It can be easy to point fingers in scary times (and it feels like we've been IN them for a bit too long now), but The Lane is a place to build community and make friends. Let's keep working on bringing that brightness to each other's worlds together.

Thank you for your consistent help in keeping our community healthy & safe. 
We appreciate you!
Your friends at The Lane

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